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Brett Bachus

Professional Music Experience
08/07-PresentFounder, Director, Piano teacher - Bachus Conservatory, Austin TX.
07/06-08/06Piano Faculty, Ars Musica Summer Institute
06/12/06-06/24/06Briarcliff Summer Institute - Head of Strings
03/06-08/07Briarcliff Music School - Teacher of Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello.
08/02 - 06/03Leander School of Music - Department Head of Orchestra, Teacher of Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Ukulele.
11/87-6/88Viva Musica! Researcher, Program Co-developer, Teacher. Pre-school music program for development of early musical skills primarily utilizing the voice and other simple Instruments. The piano and or string instruments are introduced once the student exibits hand-eye coordination skills. Taught in several Montessori schools and preschool centers. (This program is taught in most southern states and is now known as "Music Kids.") Austin, Texas.
1983-presentCello, Violin, and Voice Teacher.
1981-presentAccompanist of Instruments and Voice
1979-presentTeacher of Piano

Formal Music Education
2008LLCM, Licentiate of London College of Music
2007ALCM, Associate of the London College of Music
2006LTCL, Licentiate of Trinity College London
1/90 - 5/90Scholarship student, Piano. Dr. Robert Roux, Professor of Music, Arizona State University. Tempe, Arizona
9/88 - 6/89Scholarship student, Piano and Cello. Dr. David Northington (piano), Professor William Dorn (piano), Dr. Elliott Cheney (cello), University of Tennessee in Knoxville
6-7/87, 6-7/88First National Video Conference for Music Teachers, "Piano Pedagogy Workshop." Dr. Amanda Vick Lethco, Professor Martha Hilley, University of Texas at Austin
1984 - 86Scholarship Student, Cello. Prof. Paul Olefsky, Professor of Music, University of Texas at Austin
1984 - 85Austin Chamber Music Society, Piano and Cello. Felicity Coltman, Founder and Teacher
1984Sewanee Sumer Music Festival. Sewanee, Tennessee
6-7/83High School Piano Performance Workshop. Professor Danielle Martin and Dr. William Race

Professionally Related Experiences
10/91 - 1/93State Chairman. MTNA Selmer Junior High School Instrumental Competitions. Arizona State University
1991, 1992Judge. Yamaha Electone Festival, Mesa, AZ

3/5-15/95Fifth National Chopin Piano Competition. Participant. Miami, Florida
3/5/88Second National Piano Scholarship Competition. First Place Winner. Knoxville, Tennessee
11/78Liberace International Piano Competition. (Straight Music Company) Placed 8th out of 27 adults.

Concert Performances (selected)
09/09/00Solo Piano. Georgetown Concerts in the Park, The Inaugural Concert.
09/08/00Solo Piano and Interview. Live Radio Broadcast KUT's "Eklektikos" with John Ailei. Austin, Texas
7/27/94Solo Piano and Interview. Live Radio Broadcast. 1 1/2 hours on KUT's "Eklektikos" with John Ailei. Austin, Texas
3/13/93Piano with String Quartet. With members of the Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra, Brahms and Schumann Piano Quintets. Kerr Cultural Center. Scottsdale, Arizona
4/92Piano soloist. Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra and The Phoenix Valley Chamber Symphony joint concert. Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Scottsdale, Arizona
4/11, 12/92Actor, Piano, Violin, and Accompanist for singers. "Roll Over Amadeus," Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra. Phoenix, Arizona
10/9/92Piano, Harpsichord, and Cello. "Christopher Columbus Festival." Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra. Scottsdale Center for Arts. Scottsdale, Arizona
2/12, 13, 14/91Solo Piano. Live Radio Broadcast Performances on WUOT. Knoxville, Tennessee
11/09/88Piano Accompanist for cellist Dr. Elliott Cheney at his faculty concert. Concert Hall. University of Tenneessee. Knoxville, Tenneessee
2/24/88Solo Piano. Cambridge Towers. Austin, Texas
6/30/88Solo Piano. Benefit concert for Esquela Montessori de Montopolis. Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, Texas
4/18/87Solo Piano. Straight Music Company, Austin, Texas
1985 - 87 Solo Piano. Bates Recital Hall, University of Texas at Austin (Several Dates)
1984 - 85 Pianist and Cellist in various chamber ensembles. Jessen Auditorium, University of Texas at Austin (Several Dates)
1988 - 89 Solo Piano. Music Hall, University of Tennessee at Knoxville (Several Dates)

Miscellaneous Professional Events
01/30/06 - 04/09/06Rehearsal Pianist and Orchestra Conductor. "A Man of No Importance" Musical. Southwestern University. Georgetown, Texas
1990 - 1993Pianist. Graduation Ceremonies DeVry Institute. Phoenix, Arizona
4/24/93Pianist. Reception and private party for actress Suzanne Somers. Phoenix, Arizona
3/29/93Pianist. 1993 Academy Awards (Phoenix Chapter) Plaza Club, Citibank Bldg. Phoenix, Arizona
2/04/93Pianist. Aidan Flores Art Gallery Opening. Scottsdale, Arizona
11/19/92Pianist. Bianco Art Gallery Opening. Scottsdale, Arizona
1/15/91Pianist. Campaign fund-raiser for Arizona Governer Fife Symmington. Private Home Paradise Valley, Arizona

Music Materials Authored
1.Finger Exercises for One Hand: Book One (1991) (Unpublished)
2.Finger Exercises for One Hand: Book Two (1992) (Unpublished)

In progressTuba Concerto 1997 by Anthony Plog (born 1947) Orchestral Reduction - Modification of orchestra reduction for publication
In progressLeopold Godowsky - Complete Works. Musica Obscura Publications
4/92"Roll Over Amadeus." Fictional play about Mozart and Salieri (Unpublished)

Professional Musician Memberships
1999-2002Accompanist. Tapestry Singers
1999-2002Accompanist. Loose Threads
1991Founder. Phoenix Valley Chamber Symphony
1991-93Accompanist. Grand Canyon Men's Chorale
1990-93Cellist. Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra
1990-93Rehearsal pianist for piano concertos. Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra
1991-93Rehearsal pianist for piano concertos. Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra
1991-93Rehearsal pianist for piano concertos. Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra

Professional Memberships
1.International Godowsky Society. (Honorary Member) Edinburg, Scotland (since 1990)
2.Rachmaninoff Society (since 2005)
3.Music Teachers National Association (1990 - 1993)
4.Arizona State Music Teachers Association (1990 - 1993)

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